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New introduction: Smart Connect Box




April 2020 introduction: Smart Connect Box

Get insights in your building’s data in the most easy way!

OPPLE Lighting has expanded its Smart Lighting system through adding a new product: the Smart Connect Box.
An extremely versatile device that facilitates the connection of your Smart Lighting system with the outside world.
The idea is simple: after connecting the Smart Connect Box to the network in your building, you can communicate remotely with all the Smart luminaires, sensors, and switches.
The Smart Connect Box offers especially great benefits for larger buildings with multiple floors.

The benefits

• Maps out data clearly on energy consumption, temperature, humidity and occupancy detection for each building, floor and room.
• Always and everywhere in control: operate your building’s lighting from a remote location.
• All DALI luminaires can be linked and operated via Smart Switch, Smart Sensor or Smart App.
• Scheduler: luminaire automatic on-/off switch at a specific time or date.
• Links multiple Smart Projects in a single project.
• Completely compatible with the existing OPPLE Smart Lighting system

Monitoring data remotely

All OPPLE Smart Lighting system devices can communicate with each other, however the Smart Connect Box now makes it possible for you to connect with and control your lighting system remotely.
A great benefit of the Smart Connect Box is that you can monitor information very simply.
The OPPLE Cloud offers insights into all sorts of data regarding your building, which you have at your disposal via your laptop or tablet in real time.​​​​​​​

Mapping out energy consumption

The Smart Connect Box can generate graphs for each building, floor and room.
Revealing the energy consumption within a certain period, the climate and at what times occupancy is detected.
The Smart Connect Box makes it a simple matter to switch luminaires on or off or set them automatically with the scheduler.
This makes the Smart Connect Box an ideal solution for facility managers for the management of large buildings.
Targets for green activities such as energy consumption reduction are simpler to achieve.


It is a simple matter to connect the Smart Connect Box to your OPPLE Smart Lighting system.
There is nothing for you to change or replace in your current Smart Lighting system.
Want to incorporate the Smart Connect Box as part of your current building management system (BMS)?
This is easy to realise using Modbus: the Smart Connect Box can be connected to this and all the data is made available to the existing BMS.